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Burtons Menswear & Peacocks Clothing Review

Published November 29, 2011 by pixiereviews

Now we know men & woman do care what they wear and what they like when it comes to shopping for clothes etc, you have your get in and get out quick shopper your stay and browse and try things on type of shopper.

Personally i like to to browse in some shops try things on and get in and go get what i want and get out .

Burtons  menswear & Peacocks clothing have an good range of some clothing as do most stores

again it all comes down to quality price and how long a product last’s.


Stay tuned for a more detailed review on some products of burtons menswear & peacocks clothing.


The shamballa macrame tresor bracelets a must have for celebs

Published November 29, 2011 by pixiereviews

Personally the only difference in these fun colourful good looking fashion accessories are price, I do believe there is alot to be said for price no matter how well the name is or how good the exposure for a product.

A vast majority of the jewellery market has been flooded with these adjustable bracelets made to fit any size wrist

and for male or female consumers, However there are so many to choose from so many designs.

It all comes down to quality style  & of course price the big difference Ebay & many other Website’s  have taken the market by offering not just a good style or good range of colourful bracelets, the price range for some are yes granted good but are they going to be or are they the same quality, alot of people have said to me that they think tresor are not worth the money for what the bought, i shall be reviewing a few companies on my new blog very soon so stay tuned for more updates, on the Latest must have accessories.