Latest food and domestic cleaning product review

Published July 7, 2012 by pixiereviews

So many of us go shopping everyday & there is always something we don’t like that we’ve tried & won’t by again.

Heinz baked beans versus supermarket own brand beans:

Firstly, Since my early teens I used to like Heinz baked beans till, one day mum brought home some shopping whilst I was at school, I had something with baked beans which by the way sister used to copy me and say she didn’t like them either, anyway

I noticed there was a very untasty taste about them sort of burnt weird taste & stopped eating them right away, I now buy own branded supermarket baked beans because of this, bye bye Heinz hello tesco own brand beans.

Secondly I recently purchased some orange smelling mr muscle bathroom toilet cleaner spray (which smells great) however I don’t use it in the kitchen, I use it in the kitchen simply because I don’t want my bathroom or toilet smelling like a fruit stall.


Thirdly I recently purchased some whole meal kingsmill little big loaf bread. shopping came Thursday and I put some in the deep freezer as I usually do (which is a good thing) for those not wanting to keep popping to the shop to get bread or milk even (just a Thought for sceptics) anyway I took one loaf out the deep freezer on Saturday & tried to pull like you can with some breads some slices of bread apart for toasting (epic fail) this bread obviously doesn’t like getting freezed it broke up and was still soft slightly.


& lastly bachelors super noodle pots NEW
I had one of these for lunch today the chicken one great way to have a quick lunch on the go & I must say packaging & taste of the chicken one was very creamy and delicious indeed. A must try here is a picture of a BBQ one, which i also bought.


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