For the love of chocolate the magical world of choccywoccydoodah

Published July 8, 2012 by pixiereviews

A few weeks ago, I was flicking through my sky + tv channels to see what was on and I came across a programme callee choccywoccydoodah, only to realise it was a series about the owner and it’s team who make anything with chocolate. My amazement was wowed to realise this was the beginning of the second series.

I quickly booked the programme so I could not miss an episode, and only to realise there was more choccy goodness to come as I spotted the advert for a new series that was starting on the good food channel, how excited I was to see this so naturally I booked this too.

The nostalgic and whimsical palace of this chocolate shop just looks amazing and although I’ve never been to the shop itself the series is a MUST-SEE for anyone who loves chocolate.

Anyone who loves chocolate will almost certainly fall in love with the artistry techniques thought time an the choccywoccydoodah-ness that just oozes out of every single staff member on this programme including my favourites the head decorator,Tom & Christine.

Everybody loves chocolate and let’s be honest I do most certainly, put it this way someone once told me that even if your skint you always find money for chocolate or anything sweet (true fact).

So if you haven’t yet seen any of the new series or any of the other series, check out the good food channel check it out you will just be memorised by everything you see.

Thanks for reading my blog on my insight into the world of choccywoccydoodah.

Please feel free to reblog tweet and share my personal experience on this brilliant tv show.


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