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For the love of chocolate the magical world of choccywoccydoodah

Published July 8, 2012 by pixiereviews

A few weeks ago, I was flicking through my sky + tv channels to see what was on and I came across a programme callee choccywoccydoodah, only to realise it was a series about the owner and it’s team who make anything with chocolate. My amazement was wowed to realise this was the beginning of the second series.

I quickly booked the programme so I could not miss an episode, and only to realise there was more choccy goodness to come as I spotted the advert for a new series that was starting on the good food channel, how excited I was to see this so naturally I booked this too.

The nostalgic and whimsical palace of this chocolate shop just looks amazing and although I’ve never been to the shop itself the series is a MUST-SEE for anyone who loves chocolate.

Anyone who loves chocolate will almost certainly fall in love with the artistry techniques thought time an the choccywoccydoodah-ness that just oozes out of every single staff member on this programme including my favourites the head decorator,Tom & Christine.

Everybody loves chocolate and let’s be honest I do most certainly, put it this way someone once told me that even if your skint you always find money for chocolate or anything sweet (true fact).

So if you haven’t yet seen any of the new series or any of the other series, check out the good food channel check it out you will just be memorised by everything you see.

Thanks for reading my blog on my insight into the world of choccywoccydoodah.

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Latest food and domestic cleaning product review

Published July 7, 2012 by pixiereviews

So many of us go shopping everyday & there is always something we don’t like that we’ve tried & won’t by again.

Heinz baked beans versus supermarket own brand beans:

Firstly, Since my early teens I used to like Heinz baked beans till, one day mum brought home some shopping whilst I was at school, I had something with baked beans which by the way sister used to copy me and say she didn’t like them either, anyway

I noticed there was a very untasty taste about them sort of burnt weird taste & stopped eating them right away, I now buy own branded supermarket baked beans because of this, bye bye Heinz hello tesco own brand beans.

Secondly I recently purchased some orange smelling mr muscle bathroom toilet cleaner spray (which smells great) however I don’t use it in the kitchen, I use it in the kitchen simply because I don’t want my bathroom or toilet smelling like a fruit stall.


Thirdly I recently purchased some whole meal kingsmill little big loaf bread. shopping came Thursday and I put some in the deep freezer as I usually do (which is a good thing) for those not wanting to keep popping to the shop to get bread or milk even (just a Thought for sceptics) anyway I took one loaf out the deep freezer on Saturday & tried to pull like you can with some breads some slices of bread apart for toasting (epic fail) this bread obviously doesn’t like getting freezed it broke up and was still soft slightly.


& lastly bachelors super noodle pots NEW
I had one of these for lunch today the chicken one great way to have a quick lunch on the go & I must say packaging & taste of the chicken one was very creamy and delicious indeed. A must try here is a picture of a BBQ one, which i also bought.


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NEW Hot and Spicy Scotch Eggs Tesco Food

Published June 20, 2012 by pixiereviews

So Today i visited my local Tesco superstore, Bought some shopping and purchased some scotch eggs. I got home to realise i had bought the wrong product in fact they turned out to be NEW Hot and spicy scotch eggs Pack of 2 My thought’s:

At first i thought, uh oh should i take them back… then i thought no let’s give them a try.

The Taste Test:

I cut one of the scotch eggs open to reveal red sausage meat and was thinking i hope it’s not too spicy as im not one for really spicy savoury food, i took a bite and at first you don’t get the very mild kick till just after you have eaten, just right for those who like savoury food with a bit of hot and spicy flavour.

The outcome:

I mistakingly purchased this item but it turned out to be a thumbs up, Good buy if your someone who likes a mild kick. Would i buy again yes, For those buying for the first time who might be skeptical go on give it try perfect addition to any salad i say.