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Dell 1525 computer laptop To Buy or Not to Buy

Published December 4, 2011 by pixiereviews

After 2 years of owning and using a dell 1525 laptop computer,

Let just say for me worst buy i’ve hd with numerous problems from the starts, Battery life amongst other problems.

Just after a year of having the computer conveniently the laptop throws up a message about the battery will still charge but will need changing, so i contacted the store where i bought it & dell.


Which to my suprise i received a cheque to replace the battery which i did promptly, However literally under  year after i purchased the battery (a bigger battery might i add ) yet it throws up another message.

I have yet to do anything about it as i’m debating on just selling this computer for spares or repair, the webcam works when it wants the fan rattles.

Apart from these things the laptop has a good hard drive space & plenty of usb ports Fantastic screen & resolution, Would i buy another Dell 1525? No personally battery is everything i don’t want to have to keep replacing the battery every 12 months.

with the price of computers these days & with there being a recession i could do without having to replace things all the time out of my own pocket just to keep a laptop that i have had for 2 years going, to me i would need a longer guarantee on a laptop than 1 year if its going to make as many problems occur as frequently as they have.


I will be updating again with anymore findings on this purchase however if your thinking of buying a laptop make sure it has a longer guarantee than 1 year.