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Big brother eviction benedict and Lauren

Published June 22, 2012 by pixiereviews

So who will be the 3rd evictee to go tonight?

Which housemate do you want to save I personally would prefer Lauren to stay BUT it could be that the public would rather have a mischievous and out spoken wind up merchant in the house.

I’ve actually watched the show behind on sky + and at least it didn’t rain on Brian dowlings parade, as brian said bash the benedict or karate kid Lauren.

As Becky would say have a fiddle with his manhood, this girls hilarious.

Are you glad that nomination talk has been stopped? As Brian would say they’ll just have to get to know each other a bit more, but tbh how long will it last for them to talk about noms not long it seems typical now the hot waters was turned off till further notice.

Absolutely loved the sex education class from benedict Caroline was hilarious & becky really went for it & enjoyed the karate lesson from Lauren.

Lydia seriously you cooked the meal & Deana says something do you have to argue over the table wtf why not just eat and sort it out afterward drama queen.

So the protein shake prank was unfair tbh benedict you naughty school boy.

& the 3rd evictee was benedict, i look forward to watching that big brothers bit on the side.

& benedict leaves the house with the song Pink you and your hand tonight haha now that was funny.