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Lady gaga love or hate her she was born this way

Published June 30, 2012 by pixiereviews


Lady gaga well what can I say apart from that she was born this way for a reason to entertain, the most followed person on twitter it seems the mother monster who shot to fame with her first albumin 2008 with fame monster following 2 number 1 hits with just dance and poker face.

Continuing on to. Ate more albums and be moe successful from the outrageous unique outfits and wow music videos, & her 2nd album being the fame monster 2009, then following on from that the born this way album in 2011, what a massive few years gaga has had.

Following on from her born this way album she now has the born this way foundation.

Weird moments the meat dress you can’t write about gaga and not mention the meat dress or the pod she arrived in on stage at the Grammys, she some what a fashion icon with everyone wanting to be like her,dress like her etc.

This year she’s set to release even though her photo was leaked of her New fame perfume,before she officially wanted to but hey lady gaga is not one to hold a grudge is she? Well the first pic of the perfume looks fabulous and certainly oozes gaga with the spiked side monster claw and the perfect oval type shape bottle with Black fluid, I’m sure a lot of people will want this and I’m sure some won’t
I think the perfume market is so overloaded but as more and more celebrities bring it there own perfume range jewellery etc, but lady gaga’s bottle for hers looks fabulous indeed.

Good luck gaga with everything stay strange weird and out there like most people might think, she’s certainly a fabulous singer dancer song writer fashionista.

Even if she looks like madonna and a few other artists in some of her videos.

Not everybody loves her but millions of people do she’s has a lot of stick for being a copycat or a mimic from non fans or some fans might say that she looks or dresses in some style like other the artists that are in the charts, but the way I see it artists of today get more air time,more stories and much more than the other artists do some might say its favouritism but it’s not really they’ve just taken there success and played on it and once they knew they where a major hit or not knowing they where such a major icon,they get more exposure and other artists don’t get a look in even though they get some.

I believe if an artist of the 90’s and the 2000’s are still around and making music that don’t get enough credit they need to just because there not on radio one all the time they are still out there, granted if there music or there exposure is greater they will get more, but I also believe that some artists don’t get enough.

I truelly think also that it’s like business really if you started something a year ago and something else came along with (& that person(s) has more money and more savvy) than you or I then they will depending on how bad they want to be in magazines features and talked about or trending on twitter, although business does not seem to be what it is today with every business flooding the market with there products you can see and tell from what happens on twitter being a business magnet to get kind of one to one direct contact with celebrities, at least lady gaga doesn’t wear or product placement products like all these z listers of today. I guess there is that much fake people out there any one will wear anything and buy it because there wearing it.

Anyway the final part of this blog will be continued another time.